Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bon Bons!

Bon Bon nail polish was my very first nail polish. I even have my first bottles, they still work! (They are about 7 years old now) I have LOTS of Bon Bons, I don't know how many colors that were made but I think I have almost all of them. From the pictures you can tell I have used some of them a lot, and that's because I have had them for a very long time. I got all of them one by one from Wall-Mart for only $0.98. Even though they are very small, they have tons of color. Most of them go on very smooth, dry quickly and are nice and colorful. A couple of them are a little thick and don't dry too fast but that fortunately does not apply to all of them. They do chip a bit after a few days but that happens. When I was taking the pictures I noticed something, the name's style changes. The one on the left is the older one. (From the picture with two bottles side by side) Bon Bons will always be in my memory as the first nail polish that started my obsession.

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