Saturday, March 30, 2013

NOTD: Green Easter Speckles + Nail It! Prize

I found this lovely green polish in my Walmart's overhauled nail polish section! They took out Hard Candy polishes a while ago, and they are now back with new colors and a new bottle shape. It does have less product in the bottle, about 2.5ML less to be exact. There are so many colors I want to get!!
The one I picked out last week is called "Gummy Green". It is in the Candy Sprinkles collection. This color is just perfect for Easter! It is great for spring as well! After I had had it on for a while, it started to remind me of salt and pepper. I made a post about my flower ring a while ago and I decided I wanted to show it again because is goes so well with this green color. 

Now to the Nail It! magazine giveaway prize!!! Nail It! has been running a giveaway called the "100 Prize Giveaway". Almost everyday they have a new prize you can enter to win and after they are all done, there is a grand prize of 12 months of Nail Art Kits form Nail Society! I have been entering and I won something! I just got it in the mail a couple of days ago. It is Kiss Nail Dress in "Cocktail". Super pretty! I can't wait to try them out! Here is a link to the giveaway page so you can enter when it is open. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NOTD: Easter Eggs

On my right hand this week, I created Easter eggs. I wanted to try different lines and patterns to strengthen my left hand skills. The waves are a little sketchy and the zig-zag on my pointer needs some work but overall I think it is a nice look. The colors are bright and great Easter colors! I had my acrylic paints out for the Easter bunny look so I used the white to paint the patterns. Acrylic paint really is a easier to work with when it comes to painting things and it is very easy to wash off it it doesn't look right. I used my detail brush (Brand: Daler Rowney, size: 2/0, purchased: Micheal's).

Paints and Polish Used:
Americana "White Wash"
Beauty UK in medium/dark blue, dark hot pink, medium green, and medium purple
Wet n Wild "Sunny Side Up"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

NOTD: Easter Bunnies!

I bring to you a hopping Easter bunny manicure!! I found this look last year on YouTube and tried it out.. lets just say it is much better this year! The little bunnies are hopping around up to the clouds! The one on my pinky had to take a rest so he is sitting on the ground. I decided I hadn't used acrylic paint in a while and this would be the perfect look to paint with them! I mixed the blues for the clouds and the greens and yellows for the grass. The tools I used were a couple of dotting tools and for the grass I used my fan brush (Brand: Royal & Langnickel, size: 20/0, purchased: Micheal's).

Paint and Polish Used:
Americana  "Royal Fuchsia"
                   "Saffron Yellow"
                   "Citron Green"
                   "Calypso Blue"
                   "Lamp (Ebony) Black"
                   "White Wash"
Folk Art "Baby Pink"
Beauty UK in a medium/dark blue


It is damp in this picture

 Inspired by: LuvableNails

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NOTD: Red and Gold

There is no theme or holiday to go with these, just some pretty colors! I used my scented polish and then added some gold glitter as an accent and gold French tip. I seem to be really liking this glitter French tip... Well, it sure is pretty!

Nail Polish Used:
Color Club "Berry and Bright"
Pure Ice "Playtime"


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NOTD: First Day of Spring!

Happy first day of spring!!!! For you today, I have a daffodil manicure! Well, more like daffo-fails........ I did these late last night and I only painted five petals out of the six daffodils really have. I also made the center lighter then the petals when it really should be darker then the petals. Meh, they are still pretty! The daffodil I picked this morning was frozen. I think it made a bad decision to bloom early. We had snow yesterday, some way to start off spring!

Nail Polish Used:
Nicole "Stand by Your Manny"
Color Club "Snow-Flakes"
Diamond Cosmetics in lime and bold yellow
Wet n Wild "The Wonder Yellows" -- It is almost gone! Need to get a new one!
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
                    "This is It"

Somewhat inspired by: Colorsplash Nails

NOTD: Black Sparkle Crackle

This is the look I did in Chicago! I should have done another St. Patrick's Day look but I really wanted to try out the new polish I just got from Sephora. On the tour I went on, we got to go to Millennium Park and I took that opportunity to take pictures of my nails with The Bean. It was really neat taking pictures of it at different angles.
After I put on the black, I layered on the black multi-colored glitter, then the purple crackle.

I have 10 followers now + me.... HAHA!

Nail Polish Used:
Wet n Wild "Ebony Hates Chris"
Pure Ice "Five Some"
Sephora by OPI "Blasted Opalescent"

 The Bean!

I had to take better picture of "Five Some", I really love the glitter 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swatches: Beauty UK

Here is the set I exchanged from Ross after I had a bottle top break. They didn't have the same set I wanted so I picked out one I also really liked! This is a Beauty UK set, also a brand I have never heard of. The colors are nameless and again, I couldn't find their names online. They do take a little time to dry but they are very opaque in just two coats. I enjoy these colors, they are all very nice ones to have found!

Made up names: Medium purple creme, electric blue creme, dark jade green, sheer pearlescent white, dark hot pink creme 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Swatches: Princessa Nail Polish

In my last post I talked about the new Ross store and the nail polish I got there. Here are the swatches!

It is called Princessa. I have never seen it before or even hear about it. There were a couple different sets but I decided on the French Manicure one because I do not have many nude colors and these seemed like a  nice set to get. There are no names on the bottles so I went to their website but still couldn't find anything.
The tag line on the box label is "There is no such thing as natural beauty". Hmmmmmm...... I am not so sure that is a wise thing to put on the packaging, it sure wouldn't be my first choice.

The colors themselves are very easy to apply, dry pretty quick and are great colors for French Manicures! Haha!!!! The stripers are also very nice and I know they will come in handy. This set also came with a top coat, it isn't too bad but I think I will stick with my normal top coat unless I really need to use this one.
The bottle top shape hurts my hand a little when I open it but it isn't that big of a deal.
My favorite is the medium nude (second one). It has this really pretty pink shimmer and it catches the light.

**Update** The white striper's top broke off when I unscrewed it again. I took it back to Ross and got a different set because they did not have this same one. I guess the stripers won't come in handy....

My made up names: dark nude, medium nude, medium nude pink, light nude, white striper, red striper

Collection: New Nail Things!

I just got back from Chicago! I went with my school's orchestra for five days to tour, explore, and play music! It was super fun. While there we got to stop at a mall and I couldn't resist going into the Sephora. I have never purchased anything there because I think it is really expensive but this time I found some great deals in the clearance basket.

First up is this crackle polish called "Blasted Opalescent". It looks very nice on dark colors. I tried it out while I was there (yup, I brought some nail polish). That manicure is in my next post for today.

I also got these cool nail art stickers. They are cute little holographic butterflies! I feel spring nail art coming up... 

In my city a Ross Dress for Less store just opened and I went today to check out their clothes and also because I heard they have nail polish. They sure did! I got one set of a brand called Princessa. I also found a nice dress and a hanging jewelry holder. I love Ross now!! It is like Tj Maxx but I like Ross just a little bit more. I will add swatches of this nail polish to another post because this one is so long. 

Today I also stopped in at Sally's Beauty Supply, it is right next to the Ross store and I needed to get some more nail art wheels but I also found more treasures. 

In the clearance I found Christmas nail art decals, and Trendy Nail Wraps in Christmas snowflakes.

I also needed some new nail hardener. I found this Nail Life Nail Revitalizer. The lady gave me some tips on using it so hopefully it will help  stop my nails from peeling. I had to cut them down recently from  breaks caused by the peeling. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

NOTD: St. Patrick's Day!

I love St. Patrick's Day!! I love going to parades, dressing up, and all the festive things that come with the it! Here is my first nail look of the month for this holiday. Green with green and silver french tip sparkles!
I am planning some other looks like an Irish flag, clovers, rainbows, pot of gold, and plaids! There is so much to do before the 17th!

Nail Polish Used:
NYC "High Line Green"
Pure Ice "Razzle and Dazzle"
Diamond Cosmetics in glitter lites

Friday, March 8, 2013

NOTD: Red Roses on a Nude Background

I have found so many different ways to paint roses. Here is another way I have seen it done! I have done two other posts about roses but they all look different, which is great!
This one is done by making a blob of red then taking a black striper and painting the petals. I didn't want them to look perfect, I was aiming for a rough almost water colored look. It kinda worked out that way! It was fun trying a new type of rose. There are plenty of other styles that I will be trying soon!!

Nail Polish Used:
Nicole "You Can!"
Diamond Cosmetics in red, black, glitter lites and lime green

I forgot to take a picture of the green. I think you can figure out what it looks like, I have used it often enough :D
 Inspired by: TotallyCoolNails