Thursday, January 31, 2013

NOTD: Pink Sparkle Sparkle

As you can guess, I am still excited about the nail polish I won from Nicole so, I tried some more out! I couldn't decided which glitter to use so I said to myself, "I have two hands and I can do what ever I want!'. HAHA!! That's what I did! On my left hand I used the multicolored flaky glitter, and on my right I made a gradient of the pink and silver glitter. Both of them look great over the pink!

Nail Polish Used:

Nicole "City-Pretty Rose"
           " Heavenly Angel" -- left hand
           " Inner Sparkle" -- right hand

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NOTD: 4-H and FFA nails

I said I was going to do more FFA nails, so here they are! I also did some 4-H colored nails on my other hand. You can count on me to be doing more of both!! I got rhinestone happy again... they are so much fun to apply. I had a problem with dang bubbles in all of the nail polishes. I am not sure why they were so angry! :P  Must be the weather.

Here are my links to my other FFA nail art ideas:  National FFA Week
                                                                                Blue and Gold Elegant
Nail Polish Used:                                                    Kansas FFA Convention, Cows
Nicole "A Lit-Teal Bit of Love"                             My FFA Officer Team
Wet n Wild "The Wonder Yellows"
Pure Ice "Platinum"
Pure Ice Magnetic "Power Me Up" 
          I used a Claire's magnetic polish magnet for this. I hate the one that comes with this Pure Ice. 

+ green, silver, blue, and yellow rhinestones

Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTD: Egg Shell Nails + 100th Blog Post!

This is my 100th blog post!!!! Awesome!! I think it so much fun to blog about nail polish and I look forward for the next 100 after this and after that! Thank you for coming back to my blog, it means a lot to me! :DD

Now on to..... Egg shell nails. Yup, egg shells. Kinda weird isn't it!?! My fuzzy nails were weird but egg shells are pretty interesting!

I asked my dad to save the egg shells when he made his breakfast. After washing them, I proceeded to dye them. I put water and food coloring in plastic cups then put a teaspoon of vinegar in so it would help color the egg shells. I mixed colors to get the purple and orange shells. I let them be for an hour then checked them. They weren't ready yet so I left them for another half an hour. I took them out and let them air dry for a while.

I painted all of my nails white then broke up an egg shell. I crunched it up with the bottom of a nail polish bottle and then sprinkled it onto my nail that had wet top coat on. I put more top coat on top of the egg shells. This actually took me a while, crunching them up then making sure I liked it on my nails.

My nails sounded cool when I hit them together, hehe.

The white I used was just NYC's "French Tip White".

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Swatches: 18 bottles of Nicole

Here are all of the colors I got from being one of the winners in Nicole by OPI's Facebook contest!

 Modern Family Collection

Basking in Gloria, She's Lily Something, Candid Cameron, Stand by your Manny, Luke of the Draw

Selena Gomez Collection

Pretty in Plum, Inner Sparkle, Mi Fantasia, Confetti Fun

(the nail came off the wheel....) Heavenly Angel 

Classic Collection 

City-Pretty Rose, Enchantress, A Lit-Teal Bit of Love, Vio-Let's Talk about Red, Miss Independent, You Can!

Also from the Classic Collection. My friend picked these out. 

Girl Talk and Hello World

In a random order and random picture position: 

You Can! 
City-Pretty Rose

Miss Independent 
Vio-Let's Talk about Red
Stand by Your Manny

Candid Cameron 

Basking in Gloria
Luke of the Draw
She's Lily Something

Mi Fantasia 

Inner Sparkle 

Confetti Fun

Heavenly Angel 

Pretty in Plum 

This is the only Nicole polish I had before I got all of these. It stains my nails so badly, even with base coat. I have no idea why it does but every time I use it my nails turn yellow. So, I don't use it very often!! I still like to use it is small amounts in nail art because I love this color green so much.

Make Mine Lime

I won 18 bottles of nail polish!

Before Christmas, I entered in this contest on Facebook through Nicole by OPI. The contest was to take a picture of your holiday manicure with your favorite accessory. At the time I had on my Christmas tree nails so, I took a picture of myself with a sequence Santa hat and my Christmas tree vest on. I was in the top twenty for votes and of those twenty, they picked eight! I was one of those eight, the prize was 18 bottles of Nicole nail polish of my choice from their classic shades, the Selena Gomez collection, and the Modern Family collection. I sent in my colors and it took exactly three weeks for them to get here, they came just a few days ago!
Swatches for all of these in my next post!!

Here is my un-boxing and first look at what's inside!

Green bubble wrap!

These weren't outside for long but the bottles were super cold! The glass fogged up

  Pretty  in Plum, Heavenly Angel, Inner Sparkle, Confetti Fun, Mi Fantasia 

She's Lily Something, Luke of the Draw, Stand by your Manny, Basking in Gloria, Candid Cameron 

City-Pretty Rose, Enchantress, A Lit-Teal Bit of Love, Miss Independent, Vio-Let's Talk About Red,You Can!

These two I am giving to my friend. She inspired my with the Christmas tree nail art design. This is what she picked out!

Girl Talk and Hello World

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Year

Guess what?!? I have had my blog for one year! I was thinking about it today so I looked back at my first post and saw that I hit one year on the 19th this month. I missed it by a few days but I'm close! I plan on posting even more this year. It will be great!! Also, keep an eye out, my 100th post is coming up!

NOTD: Animal Print Fun

What a colorful animal print!! I tried this two in one look and spiced it up even more with some rhinestones. I loved doing the tiger stripes, they just look so cool! I painted on the pink and then the orange. I took the orange's brush and made it so it would be a little gradient. It is a fun pop of color in the winter.
Nail Polish Used:
Revlon "Always Flaunting"
Sinful Colors "Cloud 9"
Pure Ice "Platinum"
Diamond Cosmetics in black
Art Deco in purple
Bon Bon's glitter

+ gold, dark pink, and purple rhinestones

Inspired by: PinkFlyingCow87