Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween: Fangs

Here are some creepy vampire fangs! I saw a tutorial by Misschievous on YouTube and created it here. The fangs are dripping with blood. Pretty sweet! The thing I love most about the black I used as a base is the gold glitter, separating it from any normal black!

Polish used:
Maybelline "Twilight Rays"
Art Deco in red and white

Maybelline + Pure Ice

I found some cool stuff this week!! I was at the Wal-Mart again when I decided to pick up  a Maybelline polish and a Pure Ice. I have never tried Maybelline before and I am very happy I got it! I chose "Magenta Mirage" which is a crackle polish. I also got Pure Ice "Jaguar", a light shimmery gold color.
 Later that day I was at an even larger Wal-Mart in my town where I discovered my usual Wal-Mart has been jipping me for years when it comes to polish. There were so many colors I had never seen before and had to restrain myself from buying. I picked up another Maybelline "Twilight Rays" that they did not have at the other Wal-Mart. I even found magnetic PI called "Power Me Up". The other PI is "Bite Me!" a darker gold.

Magenta Mirage and Jaguar

Twilight Rays, Power Me Up, and Bite Me!

 The only thing I am not thrilled about with the magnetic polish is that the magnet has no way to attach to the bottle for storage, oh well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Updated Collection

I recently organized and counted my nail polish! I also took new collection pictures.
The grand total as of October 15th, 2012 is..... 174 nail polishes! That includes the top/bottom coats, nail growth and oil. I ran out of room in my boxes to store my clear coats so I need to go and get a new box!

 Here is a new tool I purchased for nail maintenance:

This is what I use to fix goopy nail polish, it works great!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween: Kitty Cat

For my first Halloween design I created a cat! I made it so I form my fingers in a way to create the cat face. I mixed my own colors for the nose, ears, and whiskers. I made the eyes very friendly, I didn't want them to be too scary. I outlined the gold with gold glitter and added some green to add a different color.

Polish used:

For the eyes:
NYC "Black Lace"
Sinful Colors "This is It" and "Flower Girl"
Art Deco in black and light green

Ears and Nose
Pure Ice "Outrageous" and "Kiss Me Here"
NYC "French White Tip" and "Black Lace"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 20: Water Marble

This manicure takes a lot of trial and error. You have to find a polish that spreads, doesn't dry too quickly, and looks good with the other colors you want to use! I originally was going to use white, black and red, but I couldn't find a black that spread correctly. I changed it to white, blue, and red. That worked very well! I have only done a few water marbles in the past so my patterns have no consistency other than pretty swirls (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am still practicing on getting a uniform pattern. Randomness aside, I think this turned out great!

I am going to pause the 31 day challenge for a little bit so I can do some Halloween nail art! As soon as Halloween is over I will pick back up with the challenge.
My stats are also back!! Yay!!

Nail Polish used:
Nails Inc "St. Pancras"
Pure Ice "Platinum"
Wet n Wild "Teal or No Teal"



whoops! got a little blue polish on the white bottle

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 19: Galaxy

I logged on Blogger today to find that my page counter and popular posts had all been switched to 0. :( All my information to see how people view my blog had also been erased. I did a little searching to see why this had happened and it turns out I am not alone. Apparently some kind of glitch in Blogger caused it and I am not very happy. It made me very proud to see that I had over 1000 views and what countries they came from. Hopefully there is a way this can be fixed!

Now to the nail art! I did some sweet galaxy nails! These are so much fun to create and very simple too! All I did was use a sponge and create a white stripe then dab the white stripe with  yellow and then some pink. I added little stars with my dotting tool and put bigger ones in the nebula. To top it off I added some pretty star themed glitter!
As a bonus I even made it glow in the dark! It is a little hard to get pictures in the dark so the glow in the dark picture is a little blurry.

Polish used:
NYC "French White Tip" and "Starry Silver Glitter"
Revlon "Temptress"
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
Chelly #116
Expressions, glow in the dark yellow

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 18: Half Moon

I have always liked the look of half moon  manicures. I have been inspired by Dita Von Teese's version of this vintage style. (Dita is a burlesque performer by the way)

I did not do this freehand, I have tried to in the past but the result is never pretty so I cheated by using notebook paper reinforcement rings. All you do is paint the bottom color, let it dry then take a sticker and press it on your hand a few times to get rid of some of the adhesive. Then, you put the ring on the nail and paint the top color. Remove the ring while the top polish is still wet. That is the trick to easy half moon manicures!

Polish used:
Sinful Colors "Out of this World"
China Glaze "Red Pumps"


reinforcement rings
Dita Von Teese half moon manicure

Collection: A Gift from a Friend!

My friend just gave me a ton of nail polish as a gift! I love all of it! I want to thank her for giving me so many great colors! Thanks Jessie!

Here is what she gave me:
Sinful Colors "Out of this World"
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
Sinful Colors "This is It"
Sinful Colors "Purple Diamond"
Sinful Colors "Why Not"
China Glaze "Red Pumps"

She is also letting me borrow a color for Galaxy nails (up next, yay!) by Chelly, shade #116. It is purple in the bottle but with one coat is more blue. Adding more coats makes it as purple as you want to get it! She told me she got it in Texas, I have never seen up here were I live so this is really cool!

I also was shopping at Wal-Mart and found a Hard Candy polish called "Beetle" in the clearance basket! I LOVE this color. I am currently sporting it on my toes. It changes from a copperish greenish color to purple and many other colors depending on the light. It even comes with a ring but unfortunately is too small for me!

Same order as listed above


Shade #116 and Beetle

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 17: Glitter

Long time no see! I know, I know, I am really behind. You may have also noticed that I skipped day 16, tribal pattern. I have a hard time with tribal and every time I tried to do it, it turned out awful. So, I will be coming  back to day 16 at a later date.

For today, I created a jelly sandwich! I first put on a sheer blue, then jell glitter, then the sheer blue on top of that. The last top of blue makes this one unique manicure! I have done a post about the blue glitter I used so I will include the pictures on what it looked like before the sheer coat.

Nail Polish used:
Revlon "Blue Mosaic"
Pure Ice "Splash"

just glitter

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 15: Delicate

I tried a design yesterday for this but it did not like it at all. It spread and didn't look to good so I decided I would just wait another day and re-do them! I had a hard time coming up with a design for this day but I think it turned out ok.
I put on rhinestones and then added silver dots around them. On every other silver dot I made a gold dot.

Polish used:
NYC "Classic Coral"
Sinful Colors "Out of this World" and "This is It"

Collection: Got some more!

Went to Walgreen's and found the Halloween display!!!! I also found a new sparkle on sale! I then went to Walmart and got a new Pure Ice to add to my collection.

The two Wet n' Wild colors from the Halloween display are called "Poison Ivy" which is very dark green and "Toxic Apple" which is a dark purple. The glitter that was on sale is called "Party of Five Glitters", also by Wet n' Wild. The Pure Ice is called "First Time" and it is a really pretty jade green.

All of the polishes went on smooth and only needed about two or three coats for full coverage. The glitter had to be dabbed on to get even space around the glitter.

Toxic Apple, Poison Ivy, Party of Five Glitters, First Time

Poison Ivy, Toxic Apple, Party of Five Glitters, First Time

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 14: Flowers

For this day, I went with a fall colored theme. I was going to try and do some kind of mum-like flower but it ended up looking like a basic flower shape. I alternated between yellow flowers with red inside and red flowers with yellow inside. I then added some black dots to it.

Nail Polish used:
Nails Inc. "Fenchurch Street"
Art Deco in red and yellow
NYC "Black Lace"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 13: Animal Print

I did not go for the usual zebra stripe or cheetah print, this is snake skin! I have done this before but decided I wanted to try it again! To get this look I painted my nails a light nude color then took a large netting a dabbed copper nail polish over it. I then took a smaller netting and dabbed black over that. Ta-dah! Snake skin!! If you see the large chunks missing out of the tops of my index and middle fingers that was from me accidentally catching the polish when I was cleaning up the polish from my skin. Oops! There really wasn't an easy way to fix it so I just left it.

Polish used:
Markwins in a light nude (this is another one with matching lipstick)
Bon Bon's in copper
NYC "Black Lace"

Day 12: Stripes

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for stripes, so I first decided on a color combination. Pink in green. Ok. Next I made green stripes. It didn't look right though, so I added white dots to the ends of the green. Still not right. This is where the gold stripes come in. I still thought it looked really weird but after a while it grew on me!

Polish used:
Revlon "Temptress"
Art Deco in light green
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl"