Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 19: Galaxy

I logged on Blogger today to find that my page counter and popular posts had all been switched to 0. :( All my information to see how people view my blog had also been erased. I did a little searching to see why this had happened and it turns out I am not alone. Apparently some kind of glitch in Blogger caused it and I am not very happy. It made me very proud to see that I had over 1000 views and what countries they came from. Hopefully there is a way this can be fixed!

Now to the nail art! I did some sweet galaxy nails! These are so much fun to create and very simple too! All I did was use a sponge and create a white stripe then dab the white stripe with  yellow and then some pink. I added little stars with my dotting tool and put bigger ones in the nebula. To top it off I added some pretty star themed glitter!
As a bonus I even made it glow in the dark! It is a little hard to get pictures in the dark so the glow in the dark picture is a little blurry.

Polish used:
NYC "French White Tip" and "Starry Silver Glitter"
Revlon "Temptress"
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
Chelly #116
Expressions, glow in the dark yellow

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  1. Mine did the same but its back to normal now.

    These look awesome. so much fun to do !!