Friday, October 12, 2012

Collection: A Gift from a Friend!

My friend just gave me a ton of nail polish as a gift! I love all of it! I want to thank her for giving me so many great colors! Thanks Jessie!

Here is what she gave me:
Sinful Colors "Out of this World"
Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
Sinful Colors "This is It"
Sinful Colors "Purple Diamond"
Sinful Colors "Why Not"
China Glaze "Red Pumps"

She is also letting me borrow a color for Galaxy nails (up next, yay!) by Chelly, shade #116. It is purple in the bottle but with one coat is more blue. Adding more coats makes it as purple as you want to get it! She told me she got it in Texas, I have never seen up here were I live so this is really cool!

I also was shopping at Wal-Mart and found a Hard Candy polish called "Beetle" in the clearance basket! I LOVE this color. I am currently sporting it on my toes. It changes from a copperish greenish color to purple and many other colors depending on the light. It even comes with a ring but unfortunately is too small for me!

Same order as listed above


Shade #116 and Beetle

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