Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maybelline + Pure Ice

I found some cool stuff this week!! I was at the Wal-Mart again when I decided to pick up  a Maybelline polish and a Pure Ice. I have never tried Maybelline before and I am very happy I got it! I chose "Magenta Mirage" which is a crackle polish. I also got Pure Ice "Jaguar", a light shimmery gold color.
 Later that day I was at an even larger Wal-Mart in my town where I discovered my usual Wal-Mart has been jipping me for years when it comes to polish. There were so many colors I had never seen before and had to restrain myself from buying. I picked up another Maybelline "Twilight Rays" that they did not have at the other Wal-Mart. I even found magnetic PI called "Power Me Up". The other PI is "Bite Me!" a darker gold.

Magenta Mirage and Jaguar

Twilight Rays, Power Me Up, and Bite Me!

 The only thing I am not thrilled about with the magnetic polish is that the magnet has no way to attach to the bottle for storage, oh well.

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