Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 13: Animal Print

I did not go for the usual zebra stripe or cheetah print, this is snake skin! I have done this before but decided I wanted to try it again! To get this look I painted my nails a light nude color then took a large netting a dabbed copper nail polish over it. I then took a smaller netting and dabbed black over that. Ta-dah! Snake skin!! If you see the large chunks missing out of the tops of my index and middle fingers that was from me accidentally catching the polish when I was cleaning up the polish from my skin. Oops! There really wasn't an easy way to fix it so I just left it.

Polish used:
Markwins in a light nude (this is another one with matching lipstick)
Bon Bon's in copper
NYC "Black Lace"

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