Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

I love Bollywood movies. I just can't get enough! (My favorite Indian actor is Shahrukh Khan, just in case you were wondering). I was on ye ol' YouTube and found this Bollywood inspired look! I decided to use it for today's challenge.
My nails couldn't handle the full design so I simplified it just a tad. Here is the original video:

By: Dollface22772

I was taking a Culture of India class at my local public library and I learned how to write some things in Sanskrit. I decided to include a little extra something at the bottom of this post. If you like Henna, I have a post about some that my friend did on my hands.

Polish Used:
Sally Hansen "Blue Me Away!" (Thank you so much Kristen for letting me have this)
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl"

Pink Glitter
Large gold hexagonal glitter
5mm yellow rhinestones
Mini rhinestones in pink and clear


mini stones

Karen written in none other than, nail polish!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural/ Sci-Fi

I am going to switch up the name of this day to Sci-Fi. I did Doctor Who nails and I realllllly wanted to do them for this day but he is not exactly supernatural. I decided that I could do what ever the heck I wanted on my blog, so, I altered the day just a tiny bit.

These were based off of the seasons with Matt Smith in them. I did his little bow-tie and suspenders, a red Dalek , his little green sonic screwdriver, a Tardis, and the DW logo. Thank you to my brother who let me borrow his sonic screwdriver as a prop.

Polish Used:
Pure Ice "Celestial"
NYC "Big Apple Red", "Black Lace", "French White Tip"
Revlon "Gold Coin"
Diamond Cosmetics lime, white, and black
Art Deco in red and silver glitter
Bon Bon's in copper


index finger

middle finger
ring finger

little finger

my brother's sonic screwdriver

Inspired by: Colorgrl101

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

I was going to do the American flag but again, I did not want to go for the expected. I also thought about doing the Kansas flag (where I live) but, it is a bit too complicated. My next idea was flag semaphore flags and from there I decided to use signal flags that stand for letters and spell out my name. I added a picture of the letter flags so you can see where I got the patterns.

Polish Used:
NYC "Big Apple Red"
Pure Ice "Celestial"
Art Deco in yellow
Diamond cosmetics in white 



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collection: New Stripers!

The Art Deco stripers I had have gone to pot. I am starting to replace them as they go bad, and they do very quickly. I threw the white and black out and got some new ones! This time instead of buying Art Deco, I got more Diamond Cosmetics! I fell in love with the "Frosty Pink" striper I have from them and after testing these new ones out, I am very happy. They were cheap, only $1 from Dollar Tree. The don't stink, the aren't stringy, and they are smooth. I want to go back and get more colors!

I got four colors:
"Cocoa", "Lime",  "Black", and "White"

The brown was perfect for my Thanksgiving nail art!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

I was inspired by Vidal Sassoon's hairstyles. It counts as artwork I think! If you don't know who Vidal is, I linked information about him on his name. I found my favorite styles and tried to translate them into nail art. I only did three but then made his glasses and a pair of scissors on my ring and little finger. I created a white, grey, and dark grey gradient because the pictures I found were in black and white. I thought it was simple and created a neat look.
I saw a documentary about his life that I randomly checked out from the library, that is how I found out about him.

Here is a quote said by him I like:

"If you get hold of a head of hair on somebody you've never seen before, cut beautiful shapes, cut beautiful architectural angles and she walks out looking so different - I think that's masterful. "Vidal Sassoon 

Nail Polish Used:
NYC "French White Tip"
Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here"
NYC "Bowery Black"

Hairstyles I was inspired by:



Vidal's glasses

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

For this I was trying to think outside of the box and break free from the traditional lines, dots, and squares. I was looking on some website a while ago and remembered an idea for this day! They were rainbow nails with black crackle on top. I thought that with rainbows on each finger that go different ways could be a kind of pattern.  The crackle on it would add to a pattern like idea. My black crackle unfortunately was dried up beyond the point of nail polish thinner rescue so I had to use my gold crackle. I have to say after wearing this around I like it even more than the black crackle.

Polish Used:
Sally Hansen Crackle "Antiqued Gold"
Art Deco in orange, yellow, and purple
Sinful Colors "Sunny Day"
Diamond Cosmetics "Lime"
NYC "Water Street Blue"

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random: Supplies for the Nail Polish Rings

Here is what I use to make the rings. Only three basic supplies then what ever nail polish chosen! To make them, you have to work backwards in a sense. I love to make them, they are easy and very pretty! I created a little tab that will have all of the stones I have painted. I am thinking about selling them on my blog but that is still up in the air. 

Jewelry Glue

18mm ring blanks

Big glass dragon tears

NOTD: Happy Thanksgiving!

I did turkey nails to be festive for the holiday! I put the little Tom on my ring finger then painted feathers on the others. I also picked up a new  hobby, painting nail polish rings! I will be doing a post next all about it. I created a little turkey ring to match the manicure. So cute! I went outside today to take pictures, it's a beautiful day for Thanksgiving!

Nail Polish Used:
NYC "French White Tip"
Revlon "Hot for Chocolate"
Art Deco in red, yellow, and orange
Diamond Cosmetics "Cocoa"
Not pictured: NYC "Black Lace" I forgot to take a picture of this but decided it wasn't worth taking one.

Inspired by: MissJenFABULOUS

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 25: Inspired by a Fashion

This challenge has brought me many days of frustration. I kept trying different things but none were coming out the way I envisioned. Today I was able to come up with something that I am very happy with. This look first hit me when I painted on the "Drops of Jupiter" polish. I wanted to do a shoe look but in the end I decided on this mermaid like manicure. The dresses I found confirmed what I wanted to do. I layered on the glitter and I now call it "Super Glitter Overload: Mermaid Style".

Polish Used:
Claire's "Drops of Jupiter"
Nail Art Mini Bottles in green, light blue, blue, and silver