Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween: Daleks

Here are some Daleks from Doctor Who! If you don't know what they are, I suggest discovering your new passions by checking out the Doctor Who BBC television series.

On my ring finger and thumb I painted the Dalek itself and on the other fingers I painted its body pattern. Not only was it fun to create these creepy robot like creatures, it was fun to show fans of Doctor Who what I had done.

Design inspired by: professionalDQ

Polish Used:
Revlon "Gold Coin"
NYC "Big Apple Red" and "French White Tip" and "Black Lace"
Art Deco in black and silver

Here is a side picture of the red Dalek:

 I was in Indianapolis when I took these pictures! I also got a new red glitter polish from the Wal-Mart there.
It is by Miliani called "Red" lame.... Oh well, it is still really pretty! I have never seen this brand around here so I purchased it!

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