Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

For this I was trying to think outside of the box and break free from the traditional lines, dots, and squares. I was looking on some website a while ago and remembered an idea for this day! They were rainbow nails with black crackle on top. I thought that with rainbows on each finger that go different ways could be a kind of pattern.  The crackle on it would add to a pattern like idea. My black crackle unfortunately was dried up beyond the point of nail polish thinner rescue so I had to use my gold crackle. I have to say after wearing this around I like it even more than the black crackle.

Polish Used:
Sally Hansen Crackle "Antiqued Gold"
Art Deco in orange, yellow, and purple
Sinful Colors "Sunny Day"
Diamond Cosmetics "Lime"
NYC "Water Street Blue"

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