Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural/ Sci-Fi

I am going to switch up the name of this day to Sci-Fi. I did Doctor Who nails and I realllllly wanted to do them for this day but he is not exactly supernatural. I decided that I could do what ever the heck I wanted on my blog, so, I altered the day just a tiny bit.

These were based off of the seasons with Matt Smith in them. I did his little bow-tie and suspenders, a red Dalek , his little green sonic screwdriver, a Tardis, and the DW logo. Thank you to my brother who let me borrow his sonic screwdriver as a prop.

Polish Used:
Pure Ice "Celestial"
NYC "Big Apple Red", "Black Lace", "French White Tip"
Revlon "Gold Coin"
Diamond Cosmetics lime, white, and black
Art Deco in red and silver glitter
Bon Bon's in copper


index finger

middle finger
ring finger

little finger

my brother's sonic screwdriver

Inspired by: Colorgrl101

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