Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 11: Polka Dots +Entry to Nail Narcotics Giveaway Challenge

For polka dots I decided to do dotted grapes! I also chose grapes to enter in Nail Narcotics' Giveaway which is food themed!! With my dotting tool I made these fun purple bunches and tried to do a vine around them. On my other nails I just made a pretty dot tip.

Link to the contest:

Nail Polish used:
Elf "Royal Purple"
NYC "White French Tip"
Pure Ice "First Time"

Friday, September 28, 2012

NOTD: Retro Roses

I tried to do a retro rose nail art. On my index finger I did a kind of failed chevron stripe, haha. On my ring finger and thumb I painted a base of minty blue-green then striped with white, very straight if I do say so myself. I then used my dotter to make the base rose. Then I mixed the pink I used and a white to make a lighter pink to make the dots look like a rose. With my green striper I added the leaves. I think I will try this again but attempt to do the zig-zags a little better.
Nail polish used:
Revlon "Always Flaunting"
Wet n' Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint"
Art Deco light green and white
NYC "French Tip White"


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 10: Gradient

A little while ago I made a cotton candy nail gradient and posted a video I looked off of for the technique. It was of sunset dolphins and here are mine! They turned out great! I had a little problem with my black nail art brush having nail polish strings but other than that, I am happy with this manicure.

Polish used:
Wet n' Wild "The Wonder Yellows"
NYC "Water Street Blue" and "French White Tip"
Pure Ice "Twinkle"
Art Deco in black

makeup sponge used to do gradient

Day 9: Rainbow

Once again, I am a day late. I am two days behind on my postings :( Today I am seriously going to post day 10 so I can catch up.

Anyway, it is rainbow!! It took me a little bit to decide what I wanted to do for this but I found a tutorial for this "dripping" paint manicure. I watched it and made my own version. On my right hand for some reason I did something completely different. They are supposed to be rainbow pinwheels or beach balls. I love how bright the colors came out on these. People at school really loved them.

Polish used:
NYC "White French Tip" and "Black Lace"
Pure Ice "Don't You Wish"
Art Deco in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
Bon Bons in a blue green (the blue art deco was just blue sparkles so I filled it in with this)


right hand

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 8: Metallic

This did not turn out how I wanted it to at all. The gold I wanted to use didn't show up on the silver so I had to switch to a more yellow gold. The flowers I attempted also didn't come out quite right. Well, I learned that I should use a smaller dotting tool next time! The manicure style is called "Ruffian" because of the outline around the middle color, if it is done with a red base it looks like your nails are being ripped off... Great for Halloween!

Polish Used:
Wet n' Wild "Silvivor"
NYC "Black Lace"
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl"

Failed gold color: Revlon "Gold Coin"


Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 7: Black and White

Whoops! Missed posting yesterday again.... Oh well, at least I am posting it now!
For black and white today I made tuxedo nails! Obviously this is not your normal everyday tuxedo, this is black shirt, white jacket, and sparkles!! The bows were pretty easy to make despite their appearance. You make an "x" then fill it in, that simple. I added a matte topcoat before adding the sparkles, I haven't posted a matte look before so here is the first!
I am also posting again today for Day 8 to get caught up.

Polish used:
NYC "French White Tip" and "Black Lace"
Art Deco in white and silver
Hard Candy "Matte-ly in Love"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 6: Violet

Up for today is violet. In my collection I have more purples than any color... I guess I really like purple too. I went on the abstract route again today and came up with this stripy look. I painted light purple on half then the darker purple on the other. I alternated which shade was on top or bottom. I then took silver sparkle and went between them. With a purple and white striper I added on to it and finished it off with more silver sparkle.

Nail  Polish used:
China Glaze "Harmony" this is my only CG, a friend gave it to me
Sally Hansen "Lacey Lilac"
Art Deco  in white, silver, and purple

The lable on the CG is all gone...

Supplies/Collection: Dollar Store Finds

I went to my local Dollar Tree store and was looking around in the nail polish section when I spotted some great stuff! I get my Art Deco nail art polishes there so I was going to pick up new ones when I found something better. They have a new brand of nail art polishes! And they don't smell bad! YAY!!! I was going to get more than just one color but I looked over and found something even more cool... Glitter and micro beads! whoooooooo! I only had five bucks with me so I got one nail art polish and three glitters.
The glitter is in very tiny bottles and I had to go through the rows because I found some were not filled as much as the others, a typical Dollar store problem. I got multi-colored glitter, shape glitter, and best of all micro beads for caviar manicures! The micro bead bottles are so small I don't think I can get more than one nail done but it was worth a dollar!

micro beads

multi-colored glitter

shape glitter

Frosty pink

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 5: Blue

Today's nail art is inspired by waves. It is very abstract and sparkly. I looked to a YouTube video by Miss80Million for the idea. I added some loose sparkles to add some oomph (I will be having a post about them in a little bit).

 To get the look I first painted on the darker blue. I the sponged on the light blue in the middle of my nail. I then painted the edge of the sponge and folded it to a curve to make a nice curved line. I then took the nail art brush to make solid curves and waves. I added a bit more of the light blue on top of that. I added two different types of glitter to make the look complete.  

Polish used:
NYC "Water Street Blue" and "French Tip White"
Wet n' Wild "Blue Moon"
Art Deco in white
Nail art sparkles in light blue and silver

NOTD: Blue Flowers on White

This color combination in my opinion really stands out. I had an idea of a toile kind of theme. I made the flowers with my dotting tool by making the dot and dragging them to form petals. The white was still a little wet underneath and moved when I made the petals. At first I was a little disappointed because I thought I needed to re-do it but I think it gives it a neat 3-D effect.

Nail Polish used:
Art Deco in silver glitter
Pure Ice "Celestial" and "Platinum"


inspiration toile

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 4: Green

Here is today's challenge! This has to be my best so far! Green is my favorite color so I was excited for this day. I made a green bottom coat then added the silver sparkle design. I was going to leave it at that but thought it could use a pop. I added the blue and I was even happier with it.

Nail polish used:

Sally Hansen HD "Resolution"
Wet n' Wild "Teal of Fortune"
Art Deco in silver sparkle

Day 3: Yellow

Gah! Sorry! I am a day late! Yesterday, the color was yellow. I don't really like yellow nail polish, I always seem to have problems with it so I as you can tell I used it as little as I could. I made it into an accent nail and then gave it a a black french tip. I love how this manicure came out despite it being yellow. I topped the black with a shimmer by Pure Ice called "Oh, Baby!" and instead of being flat black depending how you look at it there are blue, purple, red, and green shimmers in it. It is a very lovely toper!

Polish used:

Wet n' Wild "The Wonder Yellows"
NYC "Black Lace"
Art Deco in black
Pure Ice "Oh, Baby!"

a little crooked on that stripe

Had to chop of my thumb nail :( also the dang stupid polish bubbles

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2: Orange

Next up is orange! I decided to do something I have never tried before... Ombre nails! I think a while ago I said I was going to try them, so, here they are! These are all the oranges I have. I was lucky I had five to work with! I think I will try this with different colors next time. I have lots of purple I think would work great for an ombre look.

Nail Polish Used:

Pure Ice "Hot Tamale"
Sinful Colors "Cloud 9"
Wet n' Wild "Sunny Side Up"
Pure Ice "Twinkle" -- still my favorite :)
Bon Bon's peachy-orange (no name)

this was tricky to take a picture of