Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 3: Yellow

Gah! Sorry! I am a day late! Yesterday, the color was yellow. I don't really like yellow nail polish, I always seem to have problems with it so I as you can tell I used it as little as I could. I made it into an accent nail and then gave it a a black french tip. I love how this manicure came out despite it being yellow. I topped the black with a shimmer by Pure Ice called "Oh, Baby!" and instead of being flat black depending how you look at it there are blue, purple, red, and green shimmers in it. It is a very lovely toper!

Polish used:

Wet n' Wild "The Wonder Yellows"
NYC "Black Lace"
Art Deco in black
Pure Ice "Oh, Baby!"

a little crooked on that stripe

Had to chop of my thumb nail :( also the dang stupid polish bubbles

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