Saturday, September 22, 2012

Supplies/Collection: Dollar Store Finds

I went to my local Dollar Tree store and was looking around in the nail polish section when I spotted some great stuff! I get my Art Deco nail art polishes there so I was going to pick up new ones when I found something better. They have a new brand of nail art polishes! And they don't smell bad! YAY!!! I was going to get more than just one color but I looked over and found something even more cool... Glitter and micro beads! whoooooooo! I only had five bucks with me so I got one nail art polish and three glitters.
The glitter is in very tiny bottles and I had to go through the rows because I found some were not filled as much as the others, a typical Dollar store problem. I got multi-colored glitter, shape glitter, and best of all micro beads for caviar manicures! The micro bead bottles are so small I don't think I can get more than one nail done but it was worth a dollar!

micro beads

multi-colored glitter

shape glitter

Frosty pink

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