Monday, December 31, 2012

Collection: Christmas Haul

Here is everything I got for Christmas related to nail art!! This is going to be a leangthy post but it is full of fun and color! 2012 has been a wonderful year and as we say goodbye to it, lets remember all the good times and the sad and create plans to make 2013 even better! Now, on to the super amazing new everything post. I will try and get some swatches done for the nail polish but I have to clean off my nail wheels first. :P

I got this nail polish set and nail art rhinestone stickers from my friend Gavin. Thanks Gavin! 
        Avon Party Polish Mini Set

Starry Night, Mystic, Blushing Star, Golden Vision

I did not get these for Christmas, I actually got these a week or so before so I could make nail polish holiday rings. The Pure Ice colors are from a Pure Ice holiday display. It was only up for a few days at my Walmart and I am not sure why they took it down, I wanted to get more, but now I can't!
Playtime, Sleigh Ride, Twinkle, Razzle and Dazzle, and SinfulColors Pinky Glitter

 These next few things came from my mom, thank you very much mom!!

A totally awesome mini rhinestone rainbow set. They are just the perfect size for my nails and I have already used them! I love all the colors and the little case it is in. It is just perfect.

A bunch of random fimo slices!! I have never tried them before and am looking forward to having a lot of fun with them. I love all of the different flowers and butterflies!

Flocking powder!!!!! This stuff is so cool! It makes your nails look fuzzy and like they have felt on them. You can make little designs and patterns along with just covering your nail in it. I am excited to try this out also! My mom got me a set that had the whole rainbow in it.

This came as a bonus with the flocking powder. Some fine purple glitter, pink eye lash glitter, white glitter, and Christmas themed confetti. 

I got this after Christmas at Micheal's Craft Store. Some mini rhinestones, half pearls in black and white, and red and silver rhinestone hearts, just perfect for Valentine's Day!!

I was looking for some new topcoat because I am getting mad at mine (it is taking a super long time to dry and still gets messed up) and picked this up. It is not exactly top coat but it is a mineral dry quick oil. You put it on your nails and cuticles and once it dries the polish, you can rub it into your fingers! I really like it so far. 

Well, that is what I got for Christmas as well as before and after! I didn't put it in this post but I also got some chisel paint brushes and I even found a big bag of paint brushes in my basement. I also got some new acrylic paint because I am now going to try one stroke flowers and other nail art with acrylics. Get excited!! I am still in the practicing stage but it is coming along. 

NOTD: New Year's Eve Black and Gold + 2013

Here is my other New Year's look! It is black and gold gradient with fun colorful glitter! I put 2013 on it with my left hand, it took a while and looks a little wobbly, but I am happy I was able to get recognizable numbers!!!! After I put on the base gold color, I added some gold glitter then did the black gradient. I also added a little gold rhinestone in the middle of the zero.

Nail Polish Used:
Pure Ice "Bite Me!" and "Playtime"
Maybelline "Twilight Rays" 
Wet n Wild "Party of Five Glitters"
Diamond Cosmetics in white
+ one gold rhinestone

Inspired by: Julie G

NOTD: New Year's Eve Black and White

Happy New Years Eve!!! Sorry I went so long with out doing a blog post!! My intention was to do some more holiday designs, but Christmas just flew by!! I have also been sick and did not feel up to blogging. So, on the Eve of the New Year I bring to you my celebratory nail art! I did one on my right hand and one on my left. I am going to break it up into two posts so my blog gets lots of new stuff.

On my right hand I did this black and white abstract glitter design. I used my color changing polish for the silver glitter background but I was not able to capture the pinky red, it is cloudy and snowing outside!! Here is a link to my blog post about it so you can see what it would look like if the sun came out.
Abstracts are fun to create because there it is ok if you mess up, just make it look like you did it on purpose!! I used my new rhinestones on it, there is a post about that coming up.

Nail Polish Used:
Blaze by SolarActive "Sparkelicious to Red Hott Mama"
Diamond Cosmetics in black and white
Pure Ice "Beware"
+ Silver and Black rhinestones

Outside, it turned a little pink but it was no use with the clouds and snow.

Inspired by: VxHONEYxV8

Here are some nice snow pictures I took in my back yard.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NOTD: Santa Hats and Face

I had a friend that gave me the idea to do Santa hats, and then I thought about also putting Santa on my nails along with the hats! I made it so when I put my thumb and ring finger together they make Santa! For his face I put the nude color on then took the sheer pink to make it lighter.

Polish used:
Revlon "Crème Brûlée"
Wet n Wild "Sugar Coat"
Pure Ice "All Nighter"
Diamond Cosmetics in black and white
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl", "Sunny Day"

Inspired by: Kgeddin7

Sunday, December 16, 2012

NOTD: Holly Leaves in the Snow

I did this last year around Christmas and wanted to try it again because of how much I loved it before! I looked at a picture I took of my last one and let me tell you, this is waaaayy better. I gave up on trying to do the holly leaves and just put little blob lines last time. HAHA! I also added somethings to the snow on the other nails.

For the snow, all I did was sponge it on, and add some glitter polish. I then put even more glitter on it with the white loose glitter. For the berries and leaves I put on some gold to make them stand out more. I mixed my own green for the leaves with the lime, black, and bright green nail art polishes.

Polish used:
Nails Inc "Charing Cross"
Pure Ice "Don't You Wish"
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl"
Art Deco in bright green
Diamond Cosmetics in lime and black
+ white loose glitter

Inspired by: camysh

Friday, December 14, 2012

NOTD: Christmas Trees

I have been looking at several different Christmas tree nail art designs and this is a mash of several that I liked. I mixed my own green and the off white-grey color on the tree.I put a light green stripe down the side of the tree to give it some highlights. With my handy-dandy nail art mini bottles I created tree lights and a star on top! It matches my Christmas tree vest perfectly!

Nail Polish used:
Nails Inc "Charing Cross"
Art Deco in "Bright Green"
Diamond Cosmetics in lime and white
Wet n Wild "Silvivor"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

NOTD: Snowflakes!

These are not your ordinary white on blue snowflake, these are BLACK snowflakes on PINK glitter. That's whats up!
I was going to do the everyday run-of-the-mill white snowflakes but I still had pink glitter out and was very tempted to dip my fingers into it. I then thought black would just pop out against said pink glitter.
I am showing this look on my right hand because my left didn't turn out so good and I also have this little stub of a finger nail that looks really weird. I caught it on something and it ripped :((((

Polish Used:
Pure Ice "A-List"
Diamond Cosmetics in black
+pink glitter

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge: DAY 31!!! Re-create Your Favorite Challenge

I made it! I am here! YES!!!!!!! IT IS DONE! I stretched this out waaaaaayyy past 31 days and I am so happy I have reached the end! Each day was fun and I enjoyed doing the challenges. It's great knowing I finished all 31 days!

For the final day, I re-created my black and white look from Day 7. Before telling anyone today what the inspiration was, I had a friend say, "they look like little butlers!". I saw this design on YouTube a while ago and it works perfect for today. I made the black matte and used white and silver, just like my first tuxedo design. There are little clear rhinestones under the french tip that I decided to go over with the matte. On my little finger, the rhinestone popped off and sadly, I do not have any more clear stones. I made a white dot to replace it, you can't really tell in the pictures. (Maybe you can a little). This is also going to kick off my winter and Christmas themed nail art, coming soon!

Nail Polish Used:
NYC "Black Lace"
Pure Ice "Beware"
Diamond Cosmetics in white
Hard Candy "Matte-ly in Love"
+ mini clear rhinestones

Inspired by:  KlairedelysArt