Monday, December 31, 2012

NOTD: New Year's Eve Black and White

Happy New Years Eve!!! Sorry I went so long with out doing a blog post!! My intention was to do some more holiday designs, but Christmas just flew by!! I have also been sick and did not feel up to blogging. So, on the Eve of the New Year I bring to you my celebratory nail art! I did one on my right hand and one on my left. I am going to break it up into two posts so my blog gets lots of new stuff.

On my right hand I did this black and white abstract glitter design. I used my color changing polish for the silver glitter background but I was not able to capture the pinky red, it is cloudy and snowing outside!! Here is a link to my blog post about it so you can see what it would look like if the sun came out.
Abstracts are fun to create because there it is ok if you mess up, just make it look like you did it on purpose!! I used my new rhinestones on it, there is a post about that coming up.

Nail Polish Used:
Blaze by SolarActive "Sparkelicious to Red Hott Mama"
Diamond Cosmetics in black and white
Pure Ice "Beware"
+ Silver and Black rhinestones

Outside, it turned a little pink but it was no use with the clouds and snow.

Inspired by: VxHONEYxV8

Here are some nice snow pictures I took in my back yard.

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