Friday, October 5, 2012

Collection: Got some more!

Went to Walgreen's and found the Halloween display!!!! I also found a new sparkle on sale! I then went to Walmart and got a new Pure Ice to add to my collection.

The two Wet n' Wild colors from the Halloween display are called "Poison Ivy" which is very dark green and "Toxic Apple" which is a dark purple. The glitter that was on sale is called "Party of Five Glitters", also by Wet n' Wild. The Pure Ice is called "First Time" and it is a really pretty jade green.

All of the polishes went on smooth and only needed about two or three coats for full coverage. The glitter had to be dabbed on to get even space around the glitter.

Toxic Apple, Poison Ivy, Party of Five Glitters, First Time

Poison Ivy, Toxic Apple, Party of Five Glitters, First Time

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