Saturday, January 26, 2013

Swatches: 18 bottles of Nicole

Here are all of the colors I got from being one of the winners in Nicole by OPI's Facebook contest!

 Modern Family Collection

Basking in Gloria, She's Lily Something, Candid Cameron, Stand by your Manny, Luke of the Draw

Selena Gomez Collection

Pretty in Plum, Inner Sparkle, Mi Fantasia, Confetti Fun

(the nail came off the wheel....) Heavenly Angel 

Classic Collection 

City-Pretty Rose, Enchantress, A Lit-Teal Bit of Love, Vio-Let's Talk about Red, Miss Independent, You Can!

Also from the Classic Collection. My friend picked these out. 

Girl Talk and Hello World

In a random order and random picture position: 

You Can! 
City-Pretty Rose

Miss Independent 
Vio-Let's Talk about Red
Stand by Your Manny

Candid Cameron 

Basking in Gloria
Luke of the Draw
She's Lily Something

Mi Fantasia 

Inner Sparkle 

Confetti Fun

Heavenly Angel 

Pretty in Plum 

This is the only Nicole polish I had before I got all of these. It stains my nails so badly, even with base coat. I have no idea why it does but every time I use it my nails turn yellow. So, I don't use it very often!! I still like to use it is small amounts in nail art because I love this color green so much.

Make Mine Lime

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