Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Storage!

 I got new storage! I found this GREAT drawer cart from Walmart. It was on New Year sale and it was just what I was looking for. It has all the perfect size drawers and even has wheels! I can put stuff on top of it so my sink area is no longer crowded and other boxes fit nicely beside it.

Here it is!!

On top on the drawers is my art box, chapstick box, water marble water + cup, and some makeup boxes. I still haven't gotten into wearing makeup everyday, I just use it for makeup experiments and such. :P 
I need to do an update post on my new chapstick. Coming soon!

This top drawer has all my contact things and other random face items. I need to wear my contacts more often..... I am still transitioning out of my glasses. It has been hard getting used to contacts for some reason.

 The second drawer has my nail polish removers, thinners, brushes, glitter, glue, and flocking powder. Pretty much anything too big to fit in my little nail art drawer box.

I loaded a bunch of my polish in to the next deep drawer so I could free up a box and make room for more. I plan on using the empty box to put polish in when I go somewhere. This way I do not have to dump it all out and make a mess. There is still a good amount of room in this drawer. 

The bottom drawer has all of my cotton stuffs. Rounds, q-tips, and balls. I also put my make up sponge pack in here. 

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