Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NOTD: My FFA Officer Team

Keeping up with my FFA themes this month, here is my officer team! I put FFA on my right thumb and FS on my left for my school. It sure was a challenge painting these faces. I sketched them out roughly first so I kinda knew where I was going. I seriously do not have good drawing skills. I can draw freaky people like this and flowers.
It took my an hour and a half to paint everything. I mixed most of my own colors to customize the skin tones and hair. I even made everyone have eye color! You will notice the strange looking person on my left pinky. Was that on purpose? or was it simply due to being the last nail and I was tired? I'll let you decide...

Here are my links to my other FFA nail art ideas: National FFA Week  and Convention
                                                                                FFA and 4-H
                                                                                Kansas FFA Convention, Cows
                                                                                Blue and Gold Elegant
Paint Used:
Americana "Cranberry Wine"
                  "Royal Fuchsia"
                  "Citron Green"
                  "Saffron Yellow"
                  "White Wash"
Folk Art "Brilliant Blue"
               "Silver Metallic Sterling"
               "Metallic Amethyst"
Apple Barrel "Territorial Beige"
                      "Brown Oxide"

Me, Nana, Morgan, Matt
President, Secretary, Reporter, Sentinel

Jackson, Ms. Priest, Tyler, Tom
Historian, Advisor, Treasure, Vice President