Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Collection: Avon and Deals

This first set of nail polish is by Malibu Beach. I picked up the set at Ross Dress for Less. My friend works there and got them for me on the store's double discount day, I paid her back at half of the original price! Not that they were expensive to begin with but, it's always good to find a deal.

They are again nameless like all of the nail polish I have from Ross. They do take a very, very long time to dry and even with my fast drying topcoat, they smudge. Oh well, I'll still use them. They also smell really weird....

Here is my first textured polish! I went shopping with my friends and they really wanted to go to Forever 21. I gravitated to these tables full of buckets of polish. I restrained myself and only got one. It doesn't have a specific name, the bottle just says purple/silver. I love this purple color. I am not too impressed with the texture though. For some reason, it seems to disappear after a few days. Maybe they all do that? Don't know.

These next two came from Avon! My mom let me pick out a few things and I chose these two. The pink is called, "Mambo Melon" and the blue is,  "Galaxy". "Galaxy" has holographic like qualities that make it very pretty. I am wearing it on my toes right now. 

Remember how I said I wouldn't buy Seche Vite again? Well.... I did. I went back to Sally's when my topcoat ran out and they had this great bargain: buy one topcoat and get the basecoat free. It was worth it. I figured out how to not make it shrink so bad. I also have thinner to add when it gets thick and I can stand the smell. Maybe I'll try something else next time. There better not be any deals.....

And finally, another Avon. I got this one at the Kansas State Fair. I always get a polish from the Avon lady that sells there. They are at a small discount and I don't have to wait for them to come in the mail. This one is called "Red Velvet". It is matte and looks orange in some lights and red in others. In another post I will show how else I wore it aside from just matte. 


  1. Great haul!
    I haven't tried any textured polishes yet, I really need to get on that stat!

    1. Thanks! I don't think I will get any more textured polishes, unless they are cheap. I wasn't very impressed. I can make my own textured!!