Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NOTD: Bluebirds

This is the first design I have done with only acrylic paint! I mixed the colors to look like a gradient then failed at painting lines that are supposed to resemble reeds and a bird with a huge head. My skills have been improving though! I also made a lightbox!!!! Don't my pictures look nice? It was super easy to make.

Paints Used:
Americana "White Wash"
Folk Art "Metallic Blue Pearl"
              "Brilliant Blue"

Inspired by: Robin Moses


  1. I've never used acrylic paints before, how was it?
    Yay on the light box! Don't they make a huge difference? DIY is the way to go as well, I made mine too.

    1. I like using acrylics! They are so much easier to work with. It is easy to rehydrate them if they dry out and I can mix colors better. I love my light box!! I actually taught a photography class on how to make them!