Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random: All about my Tea

A while back, my friend from Chantal's Corner posted about her tea collection. I said I was going to take pictures and post all about mine, here is my family's collection!!  I love fruity flavored and rose flavored tea. I don't drink sweet tea very often, I don't live far enough south! I like it hot and iced, loose leaf, and in a bag.

 The whole thing

 This is from when I visited the Celestial Seasonings factory in Colorado! It was lots of fun and I got to try a bunch of different types of tea.

 My tea basket for loose leaf.

 Blooming tea! I still haven't figured out how to get it to bloom though....

 I got this set for Christmas a few years ago. It is almost gone.

 I discovered a tea place when I was in Indianapolis, IN, and fortunately, I live near one!! They have delicious tea. Both of these have a rose flavor.

 Random hotel tea.

 Celestial Seasonings

Bigelow and Twinings.
Plain black tea to use in big pitchers and to add more tea to my flavored tea when I am making more than a mug.



  1. Yay tea! That's a great stash!
    Mine is slowly going down, I'll be doing a second empties post soon.

    1. I love tea so much! I saw your empties post. It was great!