Sunday, March 24, 2013

NOTD: Easter Bunnies!

I bring to you a hopping Easter bunny manicure!! I found this look last year on YouTube and tried it out.. lets just say it is much better this year! The little bunnies are hopping around up to the clouds! The one on my pinky had to take a rest so he is sitting on the ground. I decided I hadn't used acrylic paint in a while and this would be the perfect look to paint with them! I mixed the blues for the clouds and the greens and yellows for the grass. The tools I used were a couple of dotting tools and for the grass I used my fan brush (Brand: Royal & Langnickel, size: 20/0, purchased: Micheal's).

Paint and Polish Used:
Americana  "Royal Fuchsia"
                   "Saffron Yellow"
                   "Citron Green"
                   "Calypso Blue"
                   "Lamp (Ebony) Black"
                   "White Wash"
Folk Art "Baby Pink"
Beauty UK in a medium/dark blue


It is damp in this picture

 Inspired by: LuvableNails