Friday, March 8, 2013

NOTD: Red Roses on a Nude Background

I have found so many different ways to paint roses. Here is another way I have seen it done! I have done two other posts about roses but they all look different, which is great!
This one is done by making a blob of red then taking a black striper and painting the petals. I didn't want them to look perfect, I was aiming for a rough almost water colored look. It kinda worked out that way! It was fun trying a new type of rose. There are plenty of other styles that I will be trying soon!!

Nail Polish Used:
Nicole "You Can!"
Diamond Cosmetics in red, black, glitter lites and lime green

I forgot to take a picture of the green. I think you can figure out what it looks like, I have used it often enough :D
 Inspired by: TotallyCoolNails

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