Monday, March 18, 2013

Collection: New Nail Things!

I just got back from Chicago! I went with my school's orchestra for five days to tour, explore, and play music! It was super fun. While there we got to stop at a mall and I couldn't resist going into the Sephora. I have never purchased anything there because I think it is really expensive but this time I found some great deals in the clearance basket.

First up is this crackle polish called "Blasted Opalescent". It looks very nice on dark colors. I tried it out while I was there (yup, I brought some nail polish). That manicure is in my next post for today.

I also got these cool nail art stickers. They are cute little holographic butterflies! I feel spring nail art coming up... 

In my city a Ross Dress for Less store just opened and I went today to check out their clothes and also because I heard they have nail polish. They sure did! I got one set of a brand called Princessa. I also found a nice dress and a hanging jewelry holder. I love Ross now!! It is like Tj Maxx but I like Ross just a little bit more. I will add swatches of this nail polish to another post because this one is so long. 

Today I also stopped in at Sally's Beauty Supply, it is right next to the Ross store and I needed to get some more nail art wheels but I also found more treasures. 

In the clearance I found Christmas nail art decals, and Trendy Nail Wraps in Christmas snowflakes.

I also needed some new nail hardener. I found this Nail Life Nail Revitalizer. The lady gave me some tips on using it so hopefully it will help  stop my nails from peeling. I had to cut them down recently from  breaks caused by the peeling. 


  1. Trendy Nail Wraps in Christmas snowflakes♥

    1. They are so pretty! I can't wait to use them this Christmas! :D