Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nail Care + other things

Here is what I use for nail care! I also added a few things about nail art.

Nail polish remover, the cool thing on the right is a pump that comes in really handy! (thanks to my 4-H friend! :D)
my box with everything nail care and art
files, the pink file is glass (my fave), buffer, clippers, nail polish remover pads, teabag for nail repairs

nail art stuff, paint brushes, sponges, mesh, etc.

different cottons

Green Tea nail strengthener, E oil, 5-7 Day Growth, glue for repairs

I know there are a lot, but I use them. The one on the far right is a matte topcoat.
 **Bonus Nail Art Polish!**
For some reason all of these smell REALLY bad. The Art Deco I got from a Dollar Tree and the Sinful Color (gold one) came from Walgreen's.
 Oh and some tape...

Tape for water marbles

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