Thursday, June 13, 2013

NOTD: Turquoise Stone

This look has been popping up all over my YouTube account! I decided it was high time to try it out. For the turquoise color, I layered "Mint Dream" on top of "I Need a Refresh-Mint". You then add a little bit of gold polish and get out your watermarble supplies. Drop a drop of black polish into the water then spray it with an alcohol based body spray or something similar. This creates a pattern like turquoise!.

Tip: To avoid getting polish on your hands when you do the water step, you can tape around your fingers or use Vaseline. I prefer the Vaseline because I really hate dealing with tape!! I also like the way the polish just slides off my fingers. :D

Nail Polish Used:
Wet n Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint"
Pure Ice "Mint Dream"
Sinful Colors "Flower Girl"
Wet n Wild "Ebony Hates Chris"

Inspired by: Marie PassionNails

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