Friday, January 10, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Birthday Gifts

I have wonderful friends. For my birthday, they got me several nail polish things!

My friend Kristin gave me this neat 3-in-1 nail polish pen. You can paint, draw, and add rhinestones. She also got me a little L.A. Colors mini set. 

Nana got me Nutra Nail Gel Perfect in "Tangerine", Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Misbehaved", Wet n Wild in "The Clock Strikes Orange". She also got me a little set of pastel gel pens. Turns out you can use them for nail art too! 
I tested out the Gel Perfect. It is very strange. You do not need an LED or UV lamp. You put on an activator,  then mix the color in with it, switch brushes, and repeat. It smelled like super glue exactly. I jokingly said how I super glued nail polish to my fingers. I probably did. It dried alright but it had a weird feeling and my nails felt freaky too. Not that 'freaky' is a very descriptive word, but it did feel weird. The color was pretty though!

And last but not least, Sarah got me this neat Caviar Bead set. It comes with pink and silver beads and nail polish and a mixing dish for the beads. I tested it out and I LOVE the pink polish. It is very, very pretty.

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