Monday, January 13, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Christmas

I did a few things for Christmas but only got pictures for two. *sigh* Oh, well. I also did a look for Thanksgiving that turned out really cute but that didn't make the camera either.

So, on my right hand, I have a mixture of cute things. Pudding, sweater, gingerbread man, Santa, and Christmas lights.

Inspired by: Cutepolish

On my left I have the Holiday Flakes nail art stickers I found on clearance after Christmas last year. I totally forgot about them till the day after Christmas to be honest... They lasted several days till I took them off on New Years Eve. You can tell they weren't exactly the right size for me. Meh, It wasn't bothersome. I bet I could have trimmed it down before I put them on, but it worked. 

For Christmas I got this cool set of glitters. I believe they are from Ross and of course, they do not have any names. The brand is "Simple Pleasures". One metallic gold polish, and pink, red, orange, silver, blue, and purple glitters. They are made of micro glitter and have a colored jelly base. They also come with that strange smell that only department store nail polishes seem to have. I wonder what that smell is.... It is so strange.

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