Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 9: Fresh Cut Grass

This is supposed to be very light, and pretty. It doesn't really scream grass but it still captures that look!
It has been super cold here this week. It snowed today for crying out loud!! Snow! In April! In Kansas! Who heard of such a thing. At least it didn't stick for more than an hour! I have a feeling we are going to go from winter right into the heat of summer. Yippee....

Nail Polish Used:
NYC "High Line Green"
Avon "Olive Green"
Diamond Cosmetics in lime
Wet n Wild "Hallucinate"

Inspired by: Deez Nailz

On a side note, I got a new top coat! Seche Vite was on sale at Sally's. I had to get it, I have heard so many good things. It is great! It dries my nail polish very quick and I do not have creases on my polish in the morning!!!!!


  1. I have heard that the Seche Vite top coat shrinks the polish when drying...did you experience this? I'm not sure whether I should buy it

    1. I have used it now a couple of times and I sadly have to say yes, it did shrink on some of my manicures. It is the weirdest thing! I can't say I totally recommend it anymore. If you see it on sale somewhere I would give it a chance because other than shrinking and the strong smell I still like it. I have also heard that over time it gets goopy, I guess I will wait and see!

  2. Love the grass!

    I used to be a Seche Vite gal, but it shrinks on me and gets goopy about halfway through the bottle. :( I'm now using Nubar Diamont and I LOVE it! It has the same benefits as SV (fast drying, uber shiny), but does not shrink nor get goopy, so it's perfect.

    1. I have been having it shrink on me too, I am a little sad because this isn't a very cheap top coat and although I got it on sale it was still pricy. I have heard very strong positives about and also strong negatives so I decided to decide for myself. I am still going to use it for a while because, it's brand new,I love how fast it dries. If I ever find the Nubar I will take your recommendation and get it!! Where did you find it?

    2. Yeah I know what you mean about using a product you just bought, I do the same. I hate to waste anything.
      I buy Nubar on

    3. Sweet!! Thank you very much. :D