Sunday, April 14, 2013

NOTD: Paper Napkin/Serviette Nails

I saw this on a blog I follow called  Acetone and Old Lacquer. I loved the idea so I recreated it!

All you do is find a paper napkin you like and cut it down to fit your nails. You then paint on a light nail polish that has a similar color to the napkin. Quickly press the napkin piece into the wet polish. Once dry you can rip off any extra hanging off the nail. Make sure to put lots of topcoat on top! The paper sucks it up. I think I put five or so coats on just to make sure it wouldn't come off when I washed my hands. It also made it super duper shinny! The print on the napkin I used was obviously too big to fit a recognizable shape of the flower onto my nails so I tried to just get as many color variations as I could.

I used Wet n Wild "Sugar Coat" as the base color.


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  1. These are cool! I saw these on a blog too, such a crafty idea.