Saturday, February 23, 2013

Collection: Sally Beauty Finds

I went to Sally's today and came home with some good stuff! My mission was to get a new glass nail file because mine broke and I can't fix it like I did last time. I found a new one that was at a good price and while I was in there I couldn't help but look around at other things. On the clearance table I found a Color Club set called Winter Affair. The red one is scented! I also got three magnets and I think I know why they were only $.49, there are three magnets but only two out of the three designs. Maybe I will give one to a friend that has magnetic nail polish.  

This smells wonderful! I have two other scented nail polishes but this is by far the best. It smells like yummy berries. The red (that smells like berries) is called Berry and Bright. The flaky is called Snow-Flakes. Snow-Flakes looks EXACTLY like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. I am so very happy I found this because I have not been able to find Hidden Treasures!

 This sure is a strange shape but I tested it out and shape aside, it is wonderful! I was reading reviews about it and some people said you can use it on your feet because of the nice shape. I don't think I will do that though, haha.

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